Lauren and her husband Cuyler live in Sterling, Kansas with their four awesome kids  Ellie, Judah, Nora & Jenna. Lauren earned her Bachelor's degree in Theology and Biblical studies from Sterling College, and is currently working on her Masters in Applied Theology at William Tennent School of Theology. She enjoys opportunities to be creative and road trips with yummy coffee in hand. 

Cuyler earned his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Sterling College and his Masters in Christian Ministry from Emmanuel Christian Seminary.  He enjoys meeting new people and hearing their stories. You are likely to find him jumping in on a pick up soccer game or fishing in his kayak at one of the local lakes.

Jodi has traveled all over the world teaching coffee roasting, coffee cupping (formal tasting), and Q Grader courses for the last 13 years. She has two masters degrees in Intercultural Studies and Theology. She currently lives in Texas with her husband, Kris, and their three girls — Kallie, Opal Kate, and Kora. Jodi enjoys reading, exploring the outdoors, and trying new coffee shops whenever she can.

Kris has been in the coffee industry for over 10 years and is currently the Senior Manager of Product Development for Farmer Brothers in Northlake, Texas. Kris has a Master of Divinity from Gateway Seminary.  He enjoys spending time with family, riding mountain bikes and drinking coffee with friends.  

The Story

Kris & Jodi Wieser met Cuyler & Lauren Prichard in 2019 in Texas and their families became instant friends. During 2020 they became a "Quaranteam" and spent the year schooling their kids together and connecting regularly over coffee.

Kris and Jodi have over a decade of experience in the specialty coffee industry. Cuyler and Lauren have a passion for building community around tables. On one particular weekend, it became clear that their mutual love for coffee and gathering people was an opportunity waiting to be pursued, and the idea of Table Coffee Roasters was realized.

Lauren and Cuyler have since moved to Sterling, Kansas and the families' partnership in providing coffee for your table is in full motion.  Table Coffee Roasters exists to affirm radical hospitality and provide you with delicious coffee for your table.

Just think of all that’s in store for your table this year. The decisions that will be considered, the memories that will be made, the advice that will be given, and the connections yet to be formed. Wouldn’t it be nice to experience life around your table with an excellent cup of coffee in hand? We think so. 

-Cuyler, Lauren, Kris & Jodi